October 24, 2019

18th International EUSPEN Conference 2018, Venice, Italy

Employees of the Precision Engineering Laboratory actively participated at the 18th EUSPEN International conference, held from June 4th to June 8th 2018 in Venice, Italy.

In the session Advances in Precision Engineering, our team presented three papers:

Characterisation of positioning performances of a mechatronics device actuated via a frictionless voice-coil actuator.‘ by authors E. Kamenar and S. Zelenika;

Experimental approach to establishing a model of nanoscale friction‘ by authors M. Perčić, S. Zelenika, I. Mezić, R. Peter and N. Krstulović;

Koopman-based model predictive control of a nanometric positioning system‘ by authors E. Kamenar, M. Korda, S. Zelenika, I. Mezić and S. Maćešić.