October 24, 2019

PrecEng team members presented their work at the My First Conference held on RiTeh

Our team members M. Sc. Tea Arrigoni, M. Sc. Petar Gljuščić and M. Sc. Marko Perčić presented the results of their recent work at the “My first Conference” event organized by the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka. The conference was held at the Faculty of Engineering itself and organized exclusively for the doctoral students whose research is undergoing.

The presented papers, in the form of extended abstracts, are:

Arrigoni, S. Zelenika, E. Kamenar, T. Schnurrer Luke Vrbanić, K. Lenac “Issues in the mechatronics design of a full arm rehabilitation device” – Paper

P. Gljušćić & S. Zelenika: “Modelling, optimization and application of piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting devices” – Paper

M. Perčić & S. Zelenika: “Issues in characterizing parameters influencing nanometric friction” – Paper