October 24, 2019

Newport Optical Table


With the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation through the project “A Stronger Europe with MIcro- and NAnotechnologies (SEMINA)” in the framework of the funding scheme for scientific co-operation of the Swiss Confederation with Central and Eastern European countries (SCOPES 2005 – 2008), a Newport optical table M-RPR-46-8 was purchased. Its characteristics are as follows:


  • Stainless steel top plate: 1,2 x 1,8 m.
  • Thickness of top plate: 203 mm (surface plate: 4,8 mm).
  • M6 holes every 25 mm.
  • Highly damped design with a “honeycomb” surface.
  • Surface flatness: ± 0.1 mm on a 600 x 600 mm surface.
  • Deflection under a 114 kg load: <1.3 x 10-3mm.
  • Dynamic response as shown on the left.
  • RL-2000-428 passive leg 71 cm high, 910 kg loading capacity each.
  • Eigenfrequency of legs: 55 Hz vertical, 45 Hz horizontal.