December 4, 2020




Design problems in precision engineering systems → High and ultra-high precision positioning (especially based on compliant devices) – theoretical and experimental analysis and optimization of electromechanical and micro (opto) electromechanical (M(O)EMS) systems.






Handling, assembly and packaging of microsystems (which today make-up up to 60 … 80% of their costs) – overcoming the limitations of 2D manufacturing technologies, stacking IC, optical or microfluidodynamic systems.







Integration of mechanical into mechatronics systems for high- and ultra-high precision positioning – analysis of macro and micro mechanical nonlinearities and implementation of  actuation, measurement and control systems.








Energy harvesting (scavenging) mechatronics systems based on the vibration of piezoelectric elements.









Development of innovative analytical and numerical methodologies and experimental systems aimed at the characterization of  mechanical properties scaling phenomena for applications in micro and nano systems.














Microsystem production technologies: deep X-ray lithography (LIGA technology) at synchrotron radiation facilities (such as Elettra near Trieste, Italy).