October 24, 2019

Festival of Science 2012

At the 10th Festival of Science in the City Hall of Rijeka on the April 27th a lecture titled “10 batteries less for a cleaner environment and safe driving” was presented by David Blažević & Ervin Kamenar.

Festival of Science is an event which aims to inform the public on activities and results in science, to improve public perception of scientists and and to motivate young people to research new fields and acquire new knowledge.

The lecture topic was related to the previous project named “Wireless Autonomous Tire Pressure Sensor (WATPS)” which was successfully completed in August 2011. WATPS is battery-less tire pressure sensor based on the harvesting of kinetic energy produced by environmental vibrations.

This years Festival of Science event was celebrating its 10th anniversary and the lecture topic was related to the number ten since in the working lifetime of a car, 10 batteries should be replaced in wireless pressure sensors for them to function properly (Battery lasts for about 7 years, car lifetime is about 13 years and it has 5 wheels including the spare wheel).

Opening ceremony of this event was held at City Hall Korzo on Monday, April 23rd, 2012.