October 24, 2019

EUSPEN Challenge 2013

David Blažević and Ervin Kamenar, Croatian national heat winners, participated at the Euspen Challenge event which was held in Copenhagen from 2nd till 4th July 2013, at the Otticon headquartes, and Technical University of Copenhagen. Otticon is one of the biggest producers of cutting edge hearing aids in the world.

Euspen Challenge is an international competition to identify outstanding students across Europe with potential to be future leaders in the field of precision engineering and Nanotechnology. It is a unique opportunity for young engineers to promote themselves at an international level  and to connect with industry.

This year’s Euspen Challenge involved 9 International teams of 3 students.

The main challenge was to develop and construct a prototype of an auxiliary tool for battery loading of small hearing aids. As hearing aids get smaller, grabbing and changing batteries becomes a serious problem mainly for elderly people. In that case an interface is needed. Production as well as impact considerations on economic welfare were integral parts of the challenge exercise.

David’s team won the award for the best presentation.