October 24, 2019

12th international science conference EUSPEN 2012

Employees of the Precision Engineering Laboratory visited the 12th international science conference EUSPEN 2012, held from 04. to 08.06.2012. in Stockholm. The conference is run and organized by the European society for precision engineering and nanotechnology. It’s an international conference, visited by scientists and engineers from all over the world. The main science themes are: Precision Engineering of Plastic based Electronics and Optronics, Nordic Countries Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, Nano & Micro Metrology, Ultra Precision Machines & Control, High Precision Mechatronics, Ultra Precision Manufacturing & Assembly Processes, Important/Novel Advances in Precision Engineering & Nano Technologies. In the last theme our team presented a poster entitled ‘Vibration energy scavenging powered wireless tire pressure monitoring sensor’, which can be read here.